1993 Mimpian KU

Indonesische/Molukse lievelings-muziek voor mijn Oma (R.I.P) dat door KOKO records is opgenomen en uitgebracht.


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  • Navid Op 2016-Sep-01 22:42:12 schreef Navid

    I know I’m late to this game, but as I’m new to your site ( which I love, by the way) I thought I would add my wish list. What I really want is a second camera body to supplement my Nikon D800. My dream second camera hasnt been made yet. In fact it may never be made. I’m still waiting for a &##;202D400&88243; with high frame rate, excellent in low light, preferably only 16 megapixels (not going to happen – sigh), and 9 brackets. Neither the D7000 or D600 quite fit what I’m looking for. But I can still dream.